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Home Buyers

The RESA programs offers you a chance to better understand the environmental conditions of the home before you buy.

RESA has programs to serve your needs:

  • Allergen Screening- Designed to identify the existence of EPA identified Allergy Triggers

  • Limited, Specific Mold Inspection- Designed to inspect specific area(s) identified by others as potentially having mold

  • Whole House Water Incursion Inspection- Designed to inspect all the visually accessible water incursion points inside the home.  Without water, mold cannot grow. So we focus on the these areas to determine where mold may be likely.

Talk with your realtor to determine which inspection is best for you!

We offer the industries only Certificate of Assurance that assures you that the mold problem has been dealt with properly and professionally.

In addition, we provide a 2 year guarantee against the mold returning!




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